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  • Online retail industry and smart help

    Since the start of the decade, revenue for the Online Retail & e-Commerce industry has grown at an exceptional rate, outperforming most brick and mortar retail industries. Now a new channel is emerging in the form of smart speakers.

  • The value of human touch in the digital age of customer service

    Customer service is an important part of any business, in the era of digital transformations. While defining the strategy for customer experience an integral part of it comes as customer service with a human touch. Many companies have built amazing innovative products, which makes life easier, more connected, communicated and transparent.

  • Future of Organization Flatter or Hierarchical [where speed is critical]

    Fast-moving markets and innovative business models, products or services are interrupting the future of organizations in multiple ways. An important value chain to consider is to think about the future of work and in accordance with it, putting those skills… Read More ›

  • How technology will transform hardwired society

    dwritings-How technology will transform hardwired society1

    The invention of the wheel, transform the society and its need for transportation. The invention of Zero, transform the society in mathematical (calculation) and commercialization of goods. Now the question is how technology will have an impact on a human society at large?

  • Consulting Analysis – Future of Work [FOW]

    Now a days, thought leaders are concerned about defining the strategy for the companies in order to prepare for the future of workforce. Various consulting companies are evaluating Future of Work [FOW] based on multiple factors and trends transforming industries, individuals with reference to current scenarios.

  • Design thinking and its methodology

    Design thinking is an ideology supported by accompanying process which asserts that a hand on user-centric approach to problem-solving can lead to differentiation and competitive advantage through innovation.

  • Financial statements and Sex Trafficking

    What : Sex trafficking victims follows a certain trend to their financial statements in the developing world which, with the help of Artificial Intelligence system, could be identified and tracked for transactional patterns Technology Role: Many of the pimps and… Read More ›