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  • Cloud technology for retail makeover

    Cloud computing allows end-users to utilize a network of remote servers hosted over the internet to store, manage, and process data instead of relying on a local server or system.

  • US manufacturing sector is watchful and poignant

    The United State is counted in one of the top two manufacturing countries in the world and it is the largest and important driver of the US economy which is moving at the watchful rate.

  • Retail outlook 2018: The future of ‘Intelligence’ retailing

    The retailers are not surviving to the old retail models, new techniques are evolving and augmented reality, AI, retail automation helping to push retail market beyond limits. The B&M (brick and mortar) business is backbone will stay experimenting in different ways.  The future is ‘intelligence’ for retailers who adapt to the needs of their customers. The merchants who will find innovation 2018 and beyond are the ones that can successfully go forward along with consumers.

  • GDPR (EU): Watchdog of Data Protection, opportunities, and threats

    EU General Data Protection Regulation

    The new data protection law created worries and concerns in companies whether they are ready for GDPR and its implication on their businesses.

  • Flipkart from inception to a billion dollar exit [timeline]

    Flipkart timeline from inception to a billion dollar exit

    The world’s largest retail company, Walmart announced the biggest deal to acquire a 77% stake in Indian retail flag bearer Flipkart, counted as a positive deal for online-offline retailers.