Where Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon heading: Artificial Intelligence [Assistance]

The Big 4 technology innovation companies are working hard in the development of artificial intelligence-based smart assistance which is supposed to devolve into the human lifestyle and make the more progressive lifestyle.

The question is how it is relating to individual personalities? And with what benefits?

The human voice is the only input to convert the desired response into a digital action. However, how it is covering emotions, pitch, need, want etc. Below is the recent study conducted for analyzing the growth in Artificial assistance intelligence

accuracy of answer by smart assistance

Google’s Google Assistance

Google claims that assistance is now on over 100 Million phones with multiple languages supported and added frequently. A recent study suggests that Google’s assistance was able to answer 68.1% of questions asked and with 90.6% accuracy.  This seems some good numbers considering we have just started to look into AI and its possibilities.

Apple’s Siri

Apple is always conservative in finding a more collaborative and open approach towards development of its technology and design. Recently, its competition and need to develop amazing product have leads to change in its approach and now started supporting more open source development tools for AI. In the recent research, Siri was able to answer 21.7% of the questions with 62.2% accuracy.

Microsoft’s Cortana

Microsoft is using its product Cortana towards research and better intelligence with machine learning and analytics in intelligence suit. However, its assistance is helping with time-based reminders, location-based reminders, photo reminders, and integration with some of the best apps such as Fitbit, Feedlab, Netflix, TED, the economist and Bank of America. In the study, Cortana Assistance was able to answer 56.5% and with 81.9% Accuracy.

Amazon’s Echo and Alexa

Amazon is developing AI products which are more inclined towards marketplace and needs-based assistance. They combined Amazon Echo with voice-activated assistance from Alexa which is becoming popular to play music, get basic information like news, weather, traffic, and sports score along with smart home controller feature.

Amazon’s third-party app ecosystems called “skills” is enabling the user to order pizza from dominos, get airfare from the kayak and get a ride from LYFT.

By now, Alexa has developed 10,000+ skills and working on phones with Huawei, refrigerators by LG and recently signed a deal with car manufacturer [ford].

Reference analysis Image : Business Insider and Stone Temple


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