The value of human touch in the digital age of customer service

dwritings-The value of Human touch in digital age for customer service

Customer service is an important part of any business, in the era of digital transformations, while defining the strategy for customer experience, an integral part of it comes as customer service with a human touch. Many companies have built amazing innovative products, which makes life easier, more connected, communicated and transparent.

However, the scope of human touch in the digital economy is yet to be identified.

The greatest technology in the world hasn’t replaced the ultimate relationship building tools between a customer and a business – The Human Touch

Shep Hyken – is an American customer service expert, author, and speaker


According to Mckinsey Analysis report, transparency and simplicity are the most important drivers for NPS. Ease of navigation is recognized important and derived from the human touch analysis for the digital product or services as per the segments.

4Ds of digital transformation

Scope of Work:

To understand the scope of work we have to evaluate the human behavioral attributes which lead to more willingness to spend time with digital products and its customer value. Consider the most human engaged apps such as, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), gaming, relationship/dating (Tinder), online store (Amazon), online payment (Paypal), hospitality (Airbnb) as all of these include a fair amount of human touch in delivering its customer services.

To identify the SOW, one needs to answer these questions:

  • For what business need customer is using the digital product?
  • Is there any other product which makes things easy and faster?
  • Is the platform adding value to customer’s life?
  • Are we at least delivering what is promised?
  • What are the additional value points which might be useful in increasing the customer satisfaction?
  • How does the whole customer journey look like?
  • Does it have emotion touch, visual interest and ease of understanding, navigating?

What are the ++


As per Mckinsey Analysis, by reworking the touch points it creates improved perception of service hence more customer satisfaction towards engagement and experience.

Reworking touchpoints creates improved perceptions of service

Last minute thoughts:

Some people still use local travel agents to book their itineraries for travel, it’s not an issue of becoming a digitally literate, it’s the value of trust, confidence, and belongingness. Some people, want to see the product, touch the product and feel the product before they buy it, irrespective of multiple options available in online stores. The C level executives are making  customer service as their top 3 priority,  however they should not seprate customer service and human touch from their strategy while creating a digital product or service.

Digital transformation makes it possible to provide ways to communicate and transact online, however, the feel of human touch and experience is indispensable.

Readers, Please do not confuse after sale customer support to customer service, It is a journey which never ends till you use the product.

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